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Life insurance helps provide for your beneficiaries when you pass away. Life insurance can't take your place, of course, but it can provide some financial peace of mind knowing that your family will continue to be able to maintain their standard of living in your absence. It's important to note that there are different types of life insurance; we want to make sure that you select the one
that's right for you.

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Questions to ask when selecting a Life Insurance policy:
• What is the difference between Term Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, Whole
Life Insurance, and Universal Life Insurance?
• How many choices of plans are there for each of those types?
• There are so many types of life insurance! How do I know which is right for me?
• If I choose one type of policy and then decide on a different type later, can I change?
• I have heard that some types of life insurance can be used like a savings account. Is
that true?
• Can my policy be used for investments or to save for my kids' college expenses?
• How much coverage is enough?
• What's the best age to be when I buy my policy?
• How does my age affect my premiums?
• Once I buy a policy, do I have to pay premiums every month, or once a year, or is it a
one-time payment?
• Do I have to renew my policy periodically?
• Will my premiums go up?
• My friends tell me that I don't need a life insurance policy if I don't have a family. Is that
• Should a husband and wife each have a policy?
• Do I need to buy a policy for each of my children?
If my employer offers life insurance, do I also need my own policy?
• Does being self-employed have any bearing on what kind of policy I choose?
• Will I require a physical before I can be approved for life insurance?
• Will drug testing be necessary?
• If I have had an injury or a chronic illness, can I be denied coverage?
• If I die in an accident, will my policy still pay my beneficiaries?
• Are there any restrictions that would prevent my beneficiaries from being paid upon my
• What if I die in a state different from the one in which I bought my policy?
• What if I move to a different state or out of the country? Will I be able to keep my policy?
• Do my beneficiaries need to be related to me?
• Are the benefits taxable?
• Are my premiums tax-deductible?
• Will my life insurance be part of my estate when I die?
• What is an annuity?
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