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Long Term Care Insurance
Long-term care – the basic activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, eating, walking
– of an infirm family member of any age often is not covered under health insurance plans, and without
it, the cost of caring for that family member can quickly become a financial burden. With a longterm
care plan, you can focus on your needs without worrying about long-term cost.

Questions to ask when selecting a Long Term Care plan:
• If I become ill and need long term care, will I be able to pay for my non-medical expenses?
• If I can no longer live independently, will I be able to afford a nursing home or assisted
living facility or even hospice care?
• Will I be able to stay in my own home and have coverage for in-home care such as a
nurse or other caregiver?
• At what age should I consider buying a plan?
• Does my age when I sign up for the plan make a difference in my premiums?
• If I pay into a plan, will the company I choose still be around when I need the benefits?
• What if I pay into a plan but never use it?
• How do I know if I should buy inflation protection?
• Are my benefits taxable?
• Are my premiums tax deductible?
• Why do I need a long-term care policy? Doesn't Medicare cover everything?
• Will my policy cover both me and my spouse?
• Do I need to buy a lifetime policy?
• Do my assets make a difference in my coverage?
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