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It is my considered opinion that Loren Levy is the only insurance specialist that I would trust to guard my personal interests. Indeed, it is my contention that Loren, a long time trusted friend, possesses such great personal character and professional knowledge in assisting all of her current clients insurance needs that I highly recommend her professional services to all. Loren treats every client as she would a family member or personal friend. She guards her clients with the same vigor that she would her own, her parents or children's interests. Be assurred, you will be given VIP service should you be wise enough to choose her for you and/or your family's health, life or long term care insurance needs.
-- Judy Duvall

As business consultants, “trusted relationships” are one of our most valuable client assets. We do not refer many vendors to our most esteemed and closely-held clients. The reason for this “reticence to refer” is that even a small oversight by the vendor could have grave ramifications for us in terms of our relationship and credibility with our clients. While Loren Levy has been our insurance agent for over 15 years, she is far more than a vendor. During that time she is one of the ONLY people that we have referred to our most valued clients. The health care industry is going through a radical revolution. Most policy-holders are treated like numbers. Premiums are skyrocketing yet claims go unpaid. On the other hand, Loren has brought “humanity and compassion” to the health care process. I am grateful for her efforts which go far beyond selling insurance to being a partner with us and our clients as we seek to ensure the best, yet most affordable health care solutions for ourselves and our team members. She has exceeded our expectations in terms of service, performance and affordability. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
-- Mark Deo, CEO – SBA Network Inc.

My husband and I first were recommended to Loren about ten years ago. Loren has represented us and advised us with regard to all our Company Health Insurance since that time, and we are happy to say that we are presently insured through Loren. She always does an excellent job, and when our staff have problems, she is persistent in working with them to help with their issues with the Insurance Companies. I must add, that during that time, we have formed a strong, personal relationship with Loren, who has always been one hundred percent reliable and honest in her dealings with us.
-- Lorraine Flegenheimer, Flegenheimer International Inc.

I originally met Loren through a South Bay networking group. I consider myself very lucky to know such a dynamic and inspiring individual. She not only is a very loving and caring person, but she has the utmost professionalism when she conducts business. Loren really ‘goes to bat’ for the individual she is sitting down with, always going above and beyond to offer the best Health Insurance/Disability/Life Insurance at an affordable cost. She keeps her client in mind and instead of trying to make a quick buck, she really strives to offer affordable coverage that really will help her clients. I never hesitate to refer my clients to her because I have the peace of mind to know she will treat all my clients with the same respect she gives to me.
-- Alex Bayer

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