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We hope you have a long and healthy life, but there are occasions when you need to be treated for health problems. Health insurance offers a way to help cover the costs of treatment if you or your loved ones fall ill. We work with you to find the best plan for you, based on cost and services, and the best type of health plan for your unique needs.

Questions to ask when selecting a health insurance plan:
• Is a fee-for-service plan better for me than a managed care plan?
• What is the difference between them?
• What will be the cost of the premiums?
• How much more will the premiums be if I include my spouse and children?
• What are the deductible choices for this plan?
• Will there be additional out-of-pocket expenses besides the deductible?
• Once the deductible has been met, what percentage of medical expenses will I be responsible
• Does the plan cover the services I anticipate using?
• Are my medical providers, such as my doctor, hospital, drugstore, and labs, part of the
insurance company's network?
• Which plans offer the best choice of doctors in my area?
• Can I use a doctor who is out of the network?
• How much will I pay for emergency room care?
• Does the plan's formulary include the medications I take?
• Will I be covered for chiropractic, acupuncture, or other alternative medical therapies?
• What about the costs of delivering a baby?
• Will I need authorization before I can see a specialist?
• What do people I know say about the plan?
• What does my doctor say about his experience with the plan?
• What does my pharmacist say about her experience with the plan?
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