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Nobody looks forward to a root canal, but sometimes you need one, or other procedures to restore the health of your teeth and gums. Dental insurance focuses on prevention by covering the costs of regular checkups and cleanings that can prevent many common dental problems. Some plans do cover a portion of things like fillings and crowns, but they are designed primarily to offer you
a means of preventing dental problems before they start.

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Questions to ask when selecting a dental insurance plan:
• How is dental insurance different from health insurance?
• Do all dentists accept dental insurance?
• If I don't already have a dentist, can the plan help me find one?
• Will my premiums or payments be different if I use my own dentist instead of one that
belongs to a plan?
• Will the dentist give me a discount on things like fillings and crowns if I have dental insurance?
• Does the plan cover my kids and spouse, too?
• Will there be any overlap between my health insurance coverage and dental insurance
• I've been hearing terms like "Open Panel," "Closed Panel," "Preferred Provider Organization,"
and "Exclusive Provider Organization." I've also heard terms like "Basic,"
"Restorative," and "Major." I'm so confused! What do these terms mean and how can
they help me decide which plan to get?
• Are there any waiting periods I should know about?
• If my employer offers a group dental plan, how can I tell if I should sign up for that one,
or get one of my own?
• Is there a yearly maximum?
• If I don't use all of my benefits in one year, do they roll over into the next?
• I had a tooth extracted. Will a dental plan cover the bridge or implant?
• Will the plan cover teeth whitening?
• Does it cover orthodonture?
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