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Medicare Supplement
Medicare is a wonderful government healthcare benefit, but it doesn't cover everything, which is why someone on Medicare needs to purchase supplemental insurance, one for medical expenses and one for drug costs. There are many of them, and choosing the one that works best for you can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. We can help you navigate the confusion and decide on the right plans.

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Questions to ask when selecting a Medicare Supplemental plan:
• What is the difference between a MediGap plan and a Medicare Advantage plan?
• Why do I need both a Medicare Supplemental plan and a Drug Plan?
• Are there separate premiums for the supplemental plan and the drug plan?
• Do all doctors accept Medicare?
• Will I have to pay a deductible?
• Are the premiums deducted from my monthly Medicare benefit or paid out of pocket?
• Can an insurer cancel my plan?
• I have heard about the ten standardized policies, called Plan A through Plan J. If the
plans are standardized, why does it matter what insurance company I choose?
• How do I choose a drug plan?
• Will I still be able to use the same pharmacy?
• Do I still have to pay the premium if I fall into the coverage gap?
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