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Disability Insurance
Sometimes an illness or injury can prevent you from working, which, in turn, can mean that
your income stops until you are able to go back to work. Disability insurance can offer peace of
mind and help protect you against a complete loss of income if you become disabled. How much
you receive if you become disabled is based on the kind of policy you have, but, in general, you will
be protected against the loss of approximately half your income.

Questions to ask when considering disability insurance:
• Will a disability policy cover all my expenses until I can go back to work?
• Are my premiums based on my income?
• Will my benefits be taxable?
• What if I have a recurring condition?
• How can I be sure that the policy I choose will cover the disability I get?
• Do I need an individual plan if I have disability coverage at work?
• Is there a benefit cap?
• What's the difference between long term disability coverage and short term disability
coverage, and how do I choose?
• Does a disability policy cover pregnancy?
• Can I get disability coverage if I have a pre-existing condition?
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